What we do:
Life Changing Productions RVA, Inc is a Christian Evangelism Music Ministry Non-Profit 501-C3.  We do concerts to reach those that do not follow Christ and present them the opportunity to follow Jesus.  We also do Digital Broadcasting with a Christian and Secular format.  Digital Broadcasting to challenge Christians and point non-followers of Christ to follow Christ.  Look for WLCP-DB on your favorite player.

Who are we?

 I am Dave Terry the leader of the Non-profit.  My wife, Kitty Terry and son, Matthew Terry are also involved in the ministry.  Charlie Coker works with us in our concerts in the prayer ministry.

Why do we do what we do?

Because we are passionate about Christian Evengelism.  We see a trend among young people that there are fewer and fewer young people attending church after they go to college or begin working.  We love all people and want them to meet Jesus through the Holy Spirit.


My desire to form a concert ministry came from a calling from God to serve him in Christian Concerts to draw people who do not follow Christ .  My first experience was doing social media promotion for a Michael W Smith concert in Richmond in December of 2014.  This led to forming a non-profit and doing my first ministry event in 2015.  We have been doing concerts in the Richmond area since 2015.  Our first concert was at Life Assembly in Goochland County on March 29, 2015.  We had 25 young people who accepted Christ at that concert.  The concert featured Shonlock, Loftland and Shuree and a minister from Louis Palau ministries.

Our next concert was at The Bridge in Hanover County on October 1, 2015.  We had 6 young people request prayer for thoughts of suicide.  We had Seventh Day Slumber, Fireflight, Shonlock, and Scarlet White at this concert.

On September 13, 2018 at River of Life Community Church we had Jason Gray  with local group Redeemed as the opener.  Jason Gray provided music and ministry at this concert dealing with divorce and depression. 

Our most recent event was The Colton Dixon Miracles Tour with Colton Dixon, Hannah Kerr and Jordan St Cyr.  Christina Perera brought a spirit filled message about our love of Jesus and there was a powerful time of prayer and worship at the end of the night.

How do you initiate the process to have a concert at your church or ministry?

Contact Dave Terry at 804-348-1450 to set up a meeting to discuss details of a concert.  We no longer do self funded events.  Terms of the event will be negoitiated.